The Wellbeing Show
This incursion gives students a tool belt of positive strategies to help us in every day life.
We look at the Green, Yellow, Red and Blue emotional zones and what our triggers are that tip us to angry and sad feelings. We look at how we can fill our invisible buckets with positivity, and the consequences of filling and dipping our own buckets and the buckets of people around us.
We learn the importance of having friends and socializing happily, communicating positively, and of good health and being active.   
Renata brings her own life size book to this show "Myrtle's Magical Medicine" with her vintage
dress up suitcase to act out a fun story about resilience and being kind to ourselves. 

We sing, dance and laugh our way to learning how to maintain a healthy well rounded wellbeing
for our lives
right now and into our futures. 
The wellbeing show is written to support ACARA and the Australian curriculum. 
Suitable for Kindy to Grade 3
$7.70 (inc gst) per student/ minimum 50 students
*Includes 1 of Renata's books 'Myrtle's Magical Medicine' for this show
For Enquiries Ph: 0412 775 678 or email [email protected]