Australiana Show
Renata’s Australiana show is a great choice for classrooms learning about Australian history.  Through visual props, the Endeavour ship and pictures, the history of how Australia was discovered is communicated. We learn about the native animals and Indigenous people that were the inhabitors of this land, and the European people and animals that were brought here on fleets with Captain Cook. We look at Australia pre-colonisation and how history has changed it to present day.

With enlarged pictures, backdrops, props and some beautiful animal puppets, Renata visits us to sing songs and tell stories all about Australian life, from the past to the present day.  All show scripts are altered to communicate important messages from each show to primary prep to grade 2, OSCH’s, childcare and family day care groups

Price: $8.80 (inc gst) per student/ minimum  50 children. The incursion goes for 50 minutes.

For bookings call 0412 775 678 or email [email protected]

Both our children and parents love these shows. They are energetic, original, educational and fun – the perfect mix! Renata definitely captures her audiences and takes them on fantastic adventures…we are always wanting more!

Kerri Schubert Bach of Teaching EC, Director Three Peas Creche Wooloowin