Let’s celebrate NAIDOC week with some fun songs and storytelling.

Renata comes guitar in hand with songs and stories to help children learn about caring for country. Indigenous stories are designed to help children learn important lessons in life. We learn about the history of our First Nation people, how they lived before settlement, and how life has changed for them.  We dance and act out stories with dress ups from nature, a bit of face paint to symbolize our native animal characters and have fun.

We also learn a little language, we choose just one of the many, the Yugambeh language, and use it our stories and songs.

  Price: $8.80 (inc GST) per student/ minimum of 50 children. The incursion goes for 50 minutes.

For bookings call 0412 775 678 or email [email protected]

The show aligns with Cross Curriculum priorities through:

Learning about Indigenous culture through oral storytelling, language and song

Building cultural knowledge through communicating Australian history with props and images. Sharing stories which provide important information about culture, values, people, animals and the environment by incorporating imitations of certain animals to assist in the storytelling and bringing the Dreamtime to life. 

Developing a deeper intercultural understanding, growing respect, yarning about reconciliation in our communities through the art of a music, movement and oral storytelling incursion.

Exploring the difference between Welcome to Country and Acknowledgement of country, what it is and why we do it to deepen our understanding of Indigenous Australians.