Covid Safety Plan, Blue Card and Vaccination Details?

Renata is fully vaccinated and has a blue card and Covid safety plan document to keep everyone as safe as possible when she visits your school. It will all be sent via email with the confirmation when you make a booking.

How much space is needed for a show?

A hall, a cleared classroom, or approximately 5 x 3 metres in front of the audience space. Renata’s shows all have a 5 metre width of colourful backdrops and props. 

What is the cost of a show?

$7.70 (including gst) per child/minimum 50 children or the minimum amount.. 

How long does a show go for?

All Renata’s shows go for 50 minutes. They are choreographed with funny antics and serious education to keep the attention spans of young children. Renata also needs 40 minutes set up and set down time either side of a show.

What time/s can we have a show? 

You’re the boss!  Whatever works best for you. If you need to split big groups into, for example, 2 shows, you can have times like: 9am and 10am Or you can go over a break if need be

What age group are the shows for? 

Renata’s shows are all written for young children 0-12 years. There is an altered age appropriate script that slightly varies for younger to older, being childcare, to kindy, to prep, to grade 1, to grade 2 and OSCH.

Do we need to supply anything for the show? 

Yes! Children    Also 2 rectangular tables (all schools and kindy rooms have these) and access to electricity. Renata has a long extension chord if needed.