Go Green with Renata (download)


Join Renata and her little people friends with singing, dancing and participating in fun, green education.  Digital Download.


Go Green with Renata is the second DVD release from popular children’s entertainer, Renata. The DVD combines her passion for children, education and entertainment with catchy songs and funny stories to encourage children to be more environmentally aware.

Watch Renata show children how easy it is to help our world be green, clean and how to keep it that way. Renata and her clever animal friends unite to inspire future generations to look after the environment. Interactive, original songs featured on the DVD include I Love Animals, 2 Fruits 5 Veggies, Birthday Party, My Own Two Hands and Renata’s latest funky Go Green Rap song.

Renata’s friends Billy the Bodybuilder and Roushini the Green Genie share their great green food tips. Seashell the Mermaid visits to talk about ocean care and Little Green Thumbs shows how gardening is great. Join Renata and her little people friends with singing, dancing and participating in fun, green education.

Format: MP4

Many local Brisbane artists are playing important parts in the making and creating of Renata’s latest DVD.

From Nick Douglas from Nicks Pixels who has had the painstaking job of editing (something I detest) plusNick also filmed, helped Renata produce, was the Director of Photography, First camera operator, was in charge of the lighting, sound and green screen. Phew. Here’s a pic of Nick:


Geoff Rafter was the second camera operator:


Billy the Bodybuilder stars in one of the cooking shows featured on the DVD:


Bollywood entertainer and children’s author, Roushini stars as the Green Genie:


Andrew from Little Green Thumbs shows how fun gardening is:


Leigh-Chantelle was the Project manager and script supervisor. She also was working on the Art and Content with Adele Walker plus organising the Media and Promotion. In the DVD LC plays Seashell the Mermaid who speaks about ocean care. You can see her makeup video HERE.


Obviously, the star of the DVD is Renata. Here’s her with her dog friend, Odie:


Plus there are many other little stars in the DVD like the ones pictured below:




The photos above were taken by WillisLouKo Photography.

The promotional photos of Renata are by Carol Slater Photography:


As always, the immensely talented and artistic, Adele Walker, has worked designing everything including the DVD cover, postcards and posters. Here’s a gorgeous photo of Adele:



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