Hi, I’m Renata Jayne. I’m a children’s storyteller, musician and educator.



20 Years of Early Childhood Education

I love what I do! My suitcases have been spotted by kids kindy to grade 2, in vacation care and OSHC programs, at festivals, fetes and events and in shopping centers… anywhere from the Gold Coast to Toowoomba to the Sunshine coast, and also in regional centers.

Fun, musical shows

Different shows focus on specific issues and are written to compliment curriculum. I help prepare kids for the world by rousing their awareness of different cultures, helping them understand social and family issues, and empowering their little souls with the knowledge they are active participants in their world. I have fun, musical shows for just about anything kids need to know, including some to compliment the K-2 curriculum.

Speaking, conferences and in-service workshops

I also teach grown up kids! There are workshops on music, drama and storytelling. I have huge experience in storytelling, music, drama and concepts like multiculturalism.


All Families are Special

Look After Your Teeth

Japanese Adventure

African Adventure


Go Green & Keep it Clean

The Child Safety Show

Multicultural Storytelling

The Easter Show

The Rhyming and Instrumental Show

The Seasons Show

Look After Your Pets

Healthy Eating Superhero Show

Starting School

The Teddy Bear Picnic Show