Walking to School

Hi folks
Ok…so I’ve been away from this blog for some time visiting the USA and checking out the West Coast of California, Oregon and Washington. It was there that I visited some schools to generally check that children over the other side of the world enjoy my songs and jokes as much as the Aussie kids! Turns out I am also pretty funny to the under eight American population as well! (Hee hee) My latest tune called ‘Walk to School’ works brilliantly over there with the early childhood classrooms as well as here! Good to know!

Ok here is me showing proof of life in San Francisco….lol!


And here is some LA Long Beach kids enjoying some songs from Australia


So like here, there is a big focus in the USA on the environment and looking after it! So I am going to kick off this year with a catchy handy song to help encourage students to walk to school and the importance of us all cutting back on petrol fumes! Just letting you all know, (incase you don’t) that on Friday the 23rd May this year is Walk to School Day in Australia….but we don’t just want to do it once…we want to encourage it as much as possible! Educating children about the benefits of why we walk to school and singing about it with a catchy song with actions will help the children encourage parents to walk to school! There is also National Ride2School Day on Wednesday 19th March coming up very soon and the 16th Sept WORLD CAR FREE DAY (official day is 22nd September) to celebrate at your school. Aspley State and Everton Park Primary (congratulations by the way) among many others are 2 schools (my nieces and nephews attend) who are successfully promoting alternate ways to driving with things like Bus Month, Scooter Month, Bike Month, Car Pool month etc…
If you need a colourful fun crazy educational entertainer for your assembly or an environmental show for your classrooms on these days, I know this really great show girl tee hee…

So for all my readers, I would like to offer you my walk to school CD and DVD pack at a special half price of $7.50. This will get it to you in the mail, and you can private message me your address at my Facebook page ‘Renata’s Shows’
Here is what the Walk to School CD pack will look like 🙂 half price $7.50 including postage


Alternatively the Walk to School You tube will show you the song and how to do the fun actions. The song is also available from ITunes off the Purple Boots album for only $1.69.

Sorry to self promote here, but I am concerned about the environment which is why I am constantly writing songs to help make our next generation understand how we can help something as simple as cleaning the air! Plus walking to school has lots more benefits for you guys….students will be happier, less wriggley, more concentrated and healthier! Plus there will be less traffic at the drop off zones which is a huge bonus! Even if parents park a few blocks away and walk for all those reasons it will help your day and your active school travel team will K-I- DOUBLE-S kiss you for helping their efforts….does your school have an active school travel team? Contact your council for help!

If you can think of a song topic that would help you in your classrooms, please let me know at my Facebook page – I love writing music for children, especially needed topics to match the ACARA curriculum. Have a great week, and I’ll be back next week.