Under the Sea Programs

Here’s a little boost of songs and ideas to go with your unit of learning about under the sea?

First of all, we can learn about the ocean’s 3 zones with our class by painting a picture on an easel as a group time activity using light blue, dark blue and black to discuss:
1. The Sunlit Zone: where the sun hits the water and that is where most of the animals like to live the most! Do you like to go outside and play in the sunshine? Well the sea animals are no different, that is why most sea life lives in the sunlit zone!
2. The Twighlight Zone: it’s getting darker as there is less sun in this zone as you go deeper into the ocean, and not very many sea animals live here…but there is still a little bit of light shining through. The animals that live in the twighlight zone are adapted to life in near darkness, cold water and high pressure. Many of the animals in this zone have large eyes, helping them see in the nearly dark waters. Most are small, dark and thin (to help camouflage them). Many have large teeth and jaws.
3. The Midnight Zone: Wo! Really really dark, as if you turned all the lights out in the room and you can only see black! The midnight zone is very very dark and cold, no sunlight and hardly any living beings down there!!

Then of course there is the conversations about the sea animals that live in the sunlit zones….let’s start with one of our favourites….the

Here’s some facts about dolphins and an easy song to compliment the dolphin

Tune to The Adams Family

When they get into the notion
They jump out of the ocean
With tail in locomotion
The dolphin family

Swim in the sea EEH EEH (click your fingers in time)
Swim in the sea EEH EEH
Swim in the sea, live in a pod, live in the sea EEH EEH

Their blowhole is their nose
And in and out the air goes
The most well known is the bottle nose
The dolphin family


The biggest dolphin is an orca
A killer whale is what I’m talking
They are altogether awesome
The dolphin family

You could also educate our next generation about how important it is to protect our beloved dolphins by writing letters and drawing pictures of why we love dolphins. As we all know they are met with an unfavoured fate in Japan and also bound for confined unnatural fun parks, so this compassionate education is important for their future. This link has some great ideas for polite letters.


What about interesting sea horse facts.…can you believe the daddy’s are the ones who get pregnant, carrying the eggs in their pouch and not the mummies!!! Plus they can change colour to suit their environment and they move even slower than a SNAIL!!!

Tune to I’m a Little Teapot

I’m a daddy seahorse in the sea
I fall pregnant, not mummy
When the eggs are ready they all go
The babies swim away to grow

Sea horses are a out the same size as a tea cup



The swordfish has lots of interesting facts! Let’s sing about them!

Tune to London Bridge is Falling Down

I’m a great big sword fish, sword fish, sword fish
I’m a great big sword fish
I’m a fast swimmer

When I grow up I lose my teeth, lose my teeth, lose my teeth
I use my sword to slash fish
That’s how I eat

I jump so high out of the sea, out of the sea, out of the sea
I jump so high out of the sea
To remove the parasites from me



There is the classic Beatles song The Octopus’s garden that is hard to resist, also complimented with fun facts and another easy educational tune, the same tune as Three Blind Mice

Octopus, octopus
In the sea, in the sea
To use their eight legs to swim all around
Their colour changes for camouflage
Their blood is blue and they have 3 hearts
The octopus



Or of course, the BIGGEST animal and mammal in the sea…..whales!!

20140228-081018.jpgTune to ‘I’m a little teapot’
I’m a humpback whale, I’m very strong.
I leap about and sing a song.
I like to eat my fill In the Northern Sea.
But in the winter, South I flee.

I am a beluga, I’m all white.
From head to tail I’m quite a sight.
You can hear me singing Way up north,
Playing and swimming back and forth.

I’m a mighty orca Black and white.
Im really a big dolphin a beautiful sight.
I’m not as big as others but I am sleek.
I hunt for my food because I have big teeth.

Here is a really cute you tube whale song to learn as well as some fun facts for kids

You could start a classroom campaign and write to Campaign Whale for information on some of the current issues and letter writing advice to help the whales. Inspiring students to be active and care will create a compassionate future for under the sea.


A fun shark song goes like the 5 Little Monkeys teasing Mr Crocodile:
(I use a puppet and the children dangle a fish)

5 little fishies swimming in the sea
Teasing Mr Shark “You can’t catch me!!”
Along came the (insert bull/great white/flathead etc) shark as quiet as can be and SNAP went the bull shark and ate up the little fishy!
How many fish do we have left??

Once again our classrooms can discuss the issue of culling and the finning of sharks and can be educated in what is happening in the oceans. Here is a great SAVE OUR SHARKS website you can use to discuss this topic.


Did you know …
… some jellyfish are bigger than a human and others are as small as a pinhead?
… that jellyfish have been on Earth for millions of years, even before dinosaurs?
… jellyfish have no brain but some kinds have eyes?
… that jellyfish are mainly made up of water and protein?
… a group of jellyfish is called a smack?
Make some easy jellyfish costumes by cutting a hole in the middle of material like so……

For the song 3 Jelly Fish, or you could do the same thing with 5 little monkeys teasing Mr crocodile with:
5 little jelly fish wobbling in the sea
Teasing Mr Turtle “You can’t catch me” ….etc

Here are some great websites to keep going….



There is so much to learn about under the sea….I could be here forever!
Check out my UNDER THE SEA SHOW for your classrooms

Have fun xxxxxxx