The Seasons

Renata comes with flowers in her hair for spring, boots for winter and lots of exciting seasonal stuff. This show has great educational content about all the seasons and what they bring. I wonder what season it is now? What happens in the plant and animal worlds when the seasons change? What do we wear in each season? What kind of weather might we expect and what activities can we enjoy? What do we wear on a windy day?

The children become the actors in this educational show with help from the dress up box to tell a story about some animals and their seasonal behaviours. We soon learn we change our clothes, animals change their furs, feathers or skins and plants even change their leaves to compliment the season. Songs are enjoyed, snowmen with funny noses and hats melt and the children have fun while they learn!

All show scripts are altered to communicate important messages from each show to primary prep to grade 7, OSCH’s, childcare and family day care groups


The songs and stories in this show are brought to life with the children’s eager participation, as they learn so much about what happens in nature in the changing seasons through drama and songs, complimented with the great sound of the guitar – Maria Tucker, mother of 2

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Show Pricing

All shows are $7 per child, with a minimum of 50 children. They go for 50 minutes and include follow up lyrics and music.

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