The Child Safety Show

Renata visits guitar in hand to sing songs about keeping our children safe. We ask the children, ‘Who do you feel safe with? Who can we trust?” Renata instils important messages into the children’s hearts that won’t go over their heads. The show content talks about stranger danger and inappropriate touching. We talk about good touch, bad touch, good secrets and bad secrets. The storytelling session with puppets communicates a story of inappropriate touching from a family friend, with a message that we must keep all communication open with our parents and loved ones. The show outcome will be children will walk away with important life knowledge and how to react in various situations. Renata also brings her guitar for some fun songs in between the serious stuff to make sure we are all having fun….because that is when we learn.

All show scripts are altered to communicate important messages from each show to primary prep to grade 7, OSCH’s, childcare and family day care groups.


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Show Pricing

All shows are $7 per child, with a minimum of 50 children. They go for 50 minutes and include follow up lyrics and music.

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