Japanese Adventure

Renata went on a big trip to Japan. It is there that she learned so many interesting facts about the Japanese way of life. With songs and stories, Renata educates children about Japan’s culture. Japanese people eat traditional foods; they have different rules in their homes to Australians and even eat their food in a different way. They wear traditional clothes for special occasions, speak the Japanese language and even their buildings and homes look very different to the buildings in Australia.

With the help of the dress up box the children dress up to act out a Japanese story about culture.With the help of songs and enlarged photos of everyday life in Japan, we come to learn that we are such an interesting world full of interesting people.



All show scripts are altered to communicate important messages from each show to  primary prep to grade 7, OSCH’s, childcare and family day care groups.

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Show Pricing

All shows are $7 per child, with a minimum of 50 children. They go for 50 minutes and include follow up lyrics and music.

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