Go Green and Keep it Clean

Is your classroom learning about the environment, recycling, river systems and pollution? It’s not just up to teachers to communicate these important messages to look after our environment! Children are important problem solvers and communicators whose actions can help to keep our world cleaner too!

So here is a show to help our future generation understand the importance of looking after our environment!

Renata’s GO GREEN suitcase in this important show has many solutions inside. Through lots of humour,  puppets, props and dress ups,  Renata communicates important messages for our planet through songs, stories and a cool rap.  A river story is visually demonstrated through a  huge water feature with students pouring the various industry pollutions from the mountains to the sea.

As always the students are the performers in this important show all about recycling, conserving and not polluting the world in which we live. It’s our planet, and there is no planet B, so lets start looking after our world for our future generations.

This river story water feature is used in the Go Green show – children are selected to pour the pollutants down the river and watch as they enter the clean “ocean” water at the end of the river.  By the end of this story, the children can visually see  the consequences of all of our actions, from what we consume to what we buy.


Renata’s latest DVD/bonus CD is available to purchase with this show for $25, a fun way to learn through songs and stories about what children can do to help the future of our planet.

All show scripts are altered to communicate important messages from each show to  primary prep to grade 7, OSCH’s, childcare and family day care groups.

From the Show

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Show Pricing

All shows are $7 per child, with a minimum of 50 children. They go for 50 minutes and include follow up lyrics and music.

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