Easter Show

Bunny ears, Easter time and some lost Easter eggs!! Where did Easter Bunny hide them? Did he leave them in the purple circle shaped box?? Maybe they’re in the blue square box?  Renata finds some funny things along the way and the children are involved in songs and stories with their own bunny ears! A fun show with an added bonus of recognizing colours and shapes…oh, and a chocolate egg for everyone as a special show treat!

The Easter show hosts interactive songs, a dress up suitcase for lots of child participation and most importantly lots of fun! Your teachers will also learn lots of great new Easter songs to enjoy further in their festive programs. 

All show scripts are altered to communicate important messages from each show to primary prep to grade 7, OSCH’s, childcare and family day care groups


Renata’s interactions with participants helps to build the children’s confidence and leads to eager participation – Brad Harris (B-Teach (Primary), Co-ordinator – Family Day Care, Acacia Ridge YMCA Family Day Care.


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Show Pricing

All shows are $7 per child, with a minimum of 50 children. They go for 50 minutes and include follow up lyrics and music.

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