Sewing in the Classroom

Can you sew? Do you have a sewing machine? Today I met an inspiring teacher Miss Shelley at Bumper Bears Early Learning centre in Kipparing who has been SEWING with her pre-prep group. They started with capes and moved onto making their own bags which they all painted in original designs. How did she do it? The children pedalled the sewing machine while Miss Shelley moved the fabric around with simple stop and go instructions.

I must say, these children were so proud of their creations, running around the playground with their capes and bags slung over their shoulders with confidence. What a great idea to show children how cloth can be transformed into fun and useful items. A great idea, especially because we had the Go Green and Keep it Clean show today where we rapped “When you go to the shops with your mum or dad, yell out DON’T FORGET THE RE-USABLE BAGS
See the Go Green rap song here on YOU TUBE
Thanks Miss Shelley, your happy vibe, passion and professionalism is quite infectious, I just had to share your inspirational ideas!
Bumper Bears is one of those harmonious places to walk into, like I mentioned in a past blog, happy educators and happy children!