School holiday ideas

Well school holidays means fun times, so don’t forget to create some great memories! It doesn’t have to be expensive, something as simple as a “mystery tour” of your local city. Blind fold your kids, drive them to a “surprise” destination. I recently took out a fabulous four, and the blindfolding mystery tour was one of the giggling highlights of their day…..
IMG_2758.JPGWe went on a ferry boat ride…do you have one in your city?

IMG_2760.JPGThen some more blindfolding, girls turn!

IMG_2749.JPGWe found a great park for some climbing….New Farm Park Brisbane!

IMG_2747.JPGAnd caught a really funny show at Brisbane’s Powerhouse, a place that always has some theatrical fun on for the kids, in this case it was Fizz

IMG_2750.JPGFind a funky place for some cool street scene photography….

IMG_2752.JPGPop some post it’s in your pack and play a free game that doesn’t involve an iPad on public transport like Celebrity Heads….all the commuters will watch and listen to your game and wish they were having as much fun as you!

IMG_2776.JPGYou can even invite some random commuters to join in!

IMG_2781.JPGVisit your local museum to explore….




Or maybe just a trip to a fun lolly shop, make sure you set down the rules before you walk in….pick one item each…..then head to a park to run off the sugar!!!

Don’t forget…..have fun! They grow up quick!! Happy Holidays 🙂