Recycling technicians

This weeks inspiration comes out of one very productive classroom who have been busy creating and pulling apart recyclable items.
Let’s start with Terry the T-Rex! Made from rolled fencing wire, stuffed with phone books and paper, paper mâchéd, painted and hand printed by a class of pre-schoolers, Terry is a recycled master piece!
Start with paper mâché on fencing wire and boxes mould of a dinosaur shape


A group effort of painting and decorating



The class has also a keen interest in pulling apart mechanics inside old DVD players, toasters, computers, anything mechanical that is no longer usable. Parents are more than happy to donate that old DVD player they have been meaning to throw out and children love pulling them apart with real tools like mummy and daddy and grandad use! They can be transformed into robots and imaginations run wild with what they can create with machinery!

You could also invite in a parent who has knowledge in electronics to talk about how things work to the class

Then there is all the things we can make with recycled items

Margarine containers

Cubby houses

Bracelets or bins, you choose

Then there is also the “Go Green with Renata” movie especially made for early childhood, available from my website via online download or the real deal in the mail box HERE
Happy Recycling