Environmental Tips in the Classroom

 Recently I spent a week at a kindy and enjoyed my daily lunch with the children. I really love that Oakey Kindy has a waste free lunch policy, that is no plastic bags or plastic wrap in lunch boxes. Parents are strictly asked to pack sandwiches and foods in tuppaware unwrapped. They also ask parents not to pack the small snack pack yogurt containers. Instead parents buy big containers of yogurt and spoon snack packs into small tuppaware containers. As children sit for their lunch every day, the scrap bin mainly gets filled with fruit and veggie scraps, and the bin that has no plastic waste is praised and discussed. 

Teachers have in their hands, literally, a whole classroom of brilliant minds to educate. This classroom of 3 and 4 year olds really “got it.” They knew why they did not want to put more rubbish in land fill, and they could articulate this beautifully. 

There is a lot more important issues we can communicate to our next generation. Food choices are also important. There is mileage on foods that can be discussed and taken into consideration. Then there is also the huge issues of methane, land degradation, river pollution and tree culling that comes from meat and dairy choices. Instead we can choose coconut or almond milk and yogurt for example. Here is a great list of how to shop for environmentally friendly products at Woolies supermarket. We can also show children at school through demonstrating how to cook, shop and make better choices for the future of our planet. You can also purchase for under $10 my passionate DVD/CD pack of Go Green with Renata which will help you with all these topics. 

For the Planet A 

Have a great week

Renata Jayne