Christmas Songs for the Classroom

Christmas is upon us very soon, the decorations are up in the shops, and very soon you may be singing along in your classrooms to the carols. As an entertainer in a wide variety of schools during this time, I would just like to say that the Christmas message is doing a swift turn around in the classrooms the past few years. I have observed the pendulum swinging back to educators wanting a simple message at this special time, and that is that it not all about Santa bringing everyone presents and promoting materialism, it is about being thoughtful and kind to each other. Most Australians celebrate Christmas whether they are religious or not, however many educators are expressing the feeling that Santa has hijacked the whole meaning of Christmas and we are forgetting what it is all really about. This year for the first time, many schools are requesting no Santa songs. My Christmas show has always been about giving, being kind, compassionate and loving to each other, and it is a time to remember how beautiful we all are! The show must go on, so here are a few songs that the children love to join in with for a bit of fun dressing up and music time!

Johnny works with one hammer
– Buy a few elf hats at choose some children to come up the front and wear them doing the actions to:
Elves work with one hammer, one hammer, one hammer etc…..

5 Currant Buns:
Buy 5 Christmas tree hats from Crazy clark stores
5 Xmas trees in the Christmas shop
Sparkling and green with a star on the top
When along comes………..with a dollar one day
bought a Xmas tree and took it away

Or you could sing the angel song from my YouTube clip “Three New Born Angels” and convert it to Christmas angels! The song is here on iTunes from the Purple Boots album

What Songs do you like to do in your classroom for Christmas? Let me know on Facebook, I and I am sure everyone else love to hear and learn new ideas!