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Environmental Tips in the Classroom

 Recently I spent a week at a kindy and enjoyed my daily lunch with the children. I really love that Oakey Kindy has a waste free lunch policy, that is no plastic bags or plastic wrap in lunch boxes. Parents are strictly asked to pack sandwiches and foods in tuppaware unwrapped. They also ask parents […]

 Thailand and Elephants

  Sah wah dee khaa – Hello Greeting in Thailand  Just like there was a show written after visiting Africa and Japan, there is now a Thai show on the way. Having just come home from Thailand I am enjoying translating their language and customs into a fun children’s show. Do you have any Thai children […]

Are You a Happy Teacher/Parent?

Well here we are, it’s 2015 and we are getting ready with ideas and resolutions of how this year is going to be. I could now go into a great storytelling tip, or a multicultural idea for 2015, but instead I am going to bare my soul. I don’t mind baring my soul if I […]

Baring my Soul for 2016

Well here we are, it’s 2016 and we are getting ready with ideas and resolutions of how this year is going to be. I could now go into a great storytelling tip, or a multicultural idea for 2016, but instead I am going to bare my soul. I don’t mind baring my soul if I […]

School holiday ideas

Well school holidays means fun times, so don’t forget to create some great memories! It doesn’t have to be expensive, something as simple as a “mystery tour” of your local city. Blind fold your kids, drive them to a “surprise” destination. I recently took out a fabulous four, and the blindfolding mystery tour was one […]

Oh, to be ‘Unbullyable’

When I was in high school two of my friends and I were walking home when we were approached by a girl in the next grade. She had decided she “hated” one of my friends and started yelling at her. We all immediately froze as she proceeded to violently punch into our friend, leaving her […]

Sewing in the Classroom

Can you sew? Do you have a sewing machine? Today I met an inspiring teacher Miss Shelley at Bumper Bears Early Learning centre in Kipparing who has been SEWING with her pre-prep group. They started with capes and moved onto making their own bags which they all painted in original designs. How did she do […]

Ancestral Skipping Rhymes

Allo there! I have been in Tasmania’s Port Arthur topping up on my Australian historical facts and found some skipping rhymes that the convicts, servants and soldier’s children were skipping to in the 1800’s. It’s amazing to me how some of these skipping rhymes have travelled and survived many generations. They also tick a few […]

The Bilingual Aussie Child

When you ask an early childhood class “Who speaks another language at home” most if not all bilingual children will put their hands up timidly. Whilst I personally feel totally jealous of these lucky ducks with a second language, to many children it can be quite embarrassing to speak in foreign tongue. Most children in […]

Creativity with mirrors

Here is an easy little activity that holds the attention span for young children and develops visual creative design skills, colour recognition and language. Purchase some light perspex mirrors from crazy clark stores, put some colourful stones in some tubs and have the camera ready to take some shots of their creations! You can get […]

Dinosaurs in Ice

Are your children learning about fossils, dinasors or the ice ages? Well this is such a great activity I saw with Rebecca at Martin Luther Kindergarten recently – dinasaur in ice! Yes with some cheap goggles from Bunnings and either little hammers, sticks or spoons the children can pick away at the ice to find […]

Recycling technicians

This weeks inspiration comes out of one very productive classroom who have been busy creating and pulling apart recyclable items. Let’s start with Terry the T-Rex! Made from rolled fencing wire, stuffed with phone books and paper, paper mâchéd, painted and hand printed by a class of pre-schoolers, Terry is a recycled master piece! Start […]

Easter Ideas in the classroom

Hi everyone Easter is upon us, and we could always use some new/old songs and art activities for a brush up during this time of year. It’s nearly holidays so I’ll get straight to it! Starting with: The Bunny Hokey Pokey Put your floppy ears in Put your furry paws in Put your Easter eggs […]

A Family Separation Story

In the “All Families are Speical” show I have a monkey puppet named Kima who lives with lots of members of his extended family members. After we learn who are our extended family we learn that Kima is sad because his mum and dad have been arguing…what have they been arguing about? Bananas! Yes that’s […]

Renata’s songs with guitar chords

Just incase you have a guitar sitting around your classrooms, you have just had one of my shows, and you would like to replay the show’s song on your guitar! Here are the songs from my album Purple Boots – you may have just heard 2 fruits 5 veggies and want to keep it going, […]

Under the Sea Programs

Here’s a little boost of songs and ideas to go with your unit of learning about under the sea? First of all, we can learn about the ocean’s 3 zones with our class by painting a picture on an easel as a group time activity using light blue, dark blue and black to discuss: 1. […]

Walking to School

Hi folks Ok…so I’ve been away from this blog for some time visiting the USA and checking out the West Coast of California, Oregon and Washington. It was there that I visited some schools to generally check that children over the other side of the world enjoy my songs and jokes as much as the […]

More Christmas Ideas!!

Well the silly season is in full swing right now, and I have been madly googling new Xmas songs to perform at my Xmas shows outside of the old favourites! I just found some easy songs for 2-4 year olds to enjoy at this LINK that are super cute and easy for that age group! […]

Xmas song in Sign Language

Hi everyone This week you can Click HERE for instructions of how to sing “We wish you a merry Christmas” with sign language! Christmas is a fun time for songs, and if you play the guitar in your classroom, here is a guitar lesson for this song also on you tube….HERE Like you all have […]

A Storytelling idea for ‘Using Your Words’

We all know that a young child’s greatest challenge is to share and communicate positively with their peers. They need help, supervision and our guidance constantly. Songs and storytelling are fun ways to learn, and The Three Billy Goats Gruff is a great story to retell and act out using kind words, manners and to […]