Are You a Happy Teacher/Parent?

Well here we are, it’s 2015 and we are getting ready with ideas and resolutions of how this year is going to be.
I could now go into a great storytelling tip, or a multicultural idea for 2015, but instead I am going to bare my soul. I don’t mind baring my soul if I feel it may help others. I am an onion, always peeling back layers and discovering where I need to shine some light. I feel this story may help teachers and even parents alike. We can sometimes forget that we have an irreplaceable effect on children. We are important role models. It is important that we are happy both mentally, physically and spiritually. Are you happy?

I seem to remember every negative comment my parents and teachers may have said to me like it was yesterday, and I know many do. It is the human mind, our ego remembers the criticism more so than the positivity.
“She said I was no good at (insert something you love doing)!”
“He said I will amount to nothing”
“Oh you can’t do that!”
In the same breath, I remember every moment of pure undivided kindness, when a teacher or a parent was in “The Now” talking to me. I try and role model myself off these moments when interacting with children.

I am the happy children’s entertainer, I always have felt grateful for my work which I love …I meditate every day and consider myself a “spiritual human being.” However last year I realised I had some pretty serious anger buried deep down with a pretty big lock on the door that needed a heavy ring of keys to unlock it! It was from my childhood. We all have it hiding somewhere for different reasons….I actually never acknowledged it was there, in denial that a spiritual person could be “angry!” (Just my ego)

However it just slowly emerged like a gurgling froth out of a sink hole that couldn’t be ignored. I was mad and I didn’t know what to do with this anger. Where do I put it? How do I make it go away? Whenever I poked my little pinkie into it I would just cry that ugly cry that you only do when no-one is watching.

What I did do was seek help. I talked to councellors and started reading some inspiring books and listening to CDs in my car from many enlightened people that I attracted from this awakening. I started to realise from a life of conditioning that I didn’t love myself. I didn’t believe I was worthy of receiving anything good. You might all find this surprising, as I am as you all know an extremely funny children’s entertainer. However it was manifesting in other parts of my life where I had no confidence at all. After opening up this sore wound, a very healing conversation emerged organically right where all the hurt was, and took it all away. I had the fortunate opportunity to talk to my mum and tell her how I felt and in turn she had the fortunate opportunity of responding. I learnt why she was so sad in my childhood, and she heard for the first time how it had affected me. Communication is so important. I cannot begin to describe in words how much healing took place in one morning conversation over coffee.

If a child makes a mistake, what do we do? We hug them, we tell them it’s ok, we say you are just learning. If an adult makes a mistake, we taunt ourselves with all those negative feelings like regret, disappointment and guilt! My mum and her mum and no doubt her mum again came from a long blood line of conditioning. You cannot teach self love if you do not have it yourself. No-one is like this as babies or as young children….but somehow we can grow up not giving ourselves the love that we deserve. I wish there were funded counsellors out there finding depression like a gold detector finds coins in the sand. Guilt and regret are nurtured unconscious behaviours. We should be giving ourselves a big bear hug, if we make a mistake think ‘well that didn’t work‘, learn from it and feel grateful for the experience.

So in 2015 I am loving me more, and in turn I am loving everything and everyone more….you, my job, my family, my friends, strangers, shopkeepers, my dog, my car, everything! I am now actually bursting out of my skin with happiness. I really am! Can you imagine? I am now present. There is only the now. I am watching the back door where the negative thoughts might try and sneak in. They are always trying, sneaky little buggers, but I have gained some leverage.

During this onion peeling, I woke up one morning and could not get a pen fast enough. In approximately 4.35 minutes I had written a fantastic children’s book, one that had been waiting inside me for some time. I hadn’t had the confidence to be a children’s book author. Sometimes we hold back on dreams for reasons not obvious to us. For me, it is the beginning of a career that I am most certainly going to manifest with all the happiness and love I can muster. It’s my baby this year! My only wish is that it helps others, however I have no control over that.

We are all divine human beings, with so much to give. We are also in the most important position of helping children, and sometimes we need someone to pass us the oxygen mask so as we can serve others to the best of our ability. Teachers and parents are extremely important people. We need you to be on your game, happy and healthy. You deserve it!
You are nurturing our next generation, and may I say, doing a fantastic job.
If you need help of any kind, just ask, as hippified as this may sound, the universe will always provide.

Now I could insert some magical piece of research here from some expert saying “Happy Teachers are the Best Teachers”…..but really, do we need this piece of common sense?

I am sure there is more peeling to be done on this onion….but as Buzz Light Year would say
To Infinity and Beyond!”
As Frozen’s Anna would say, “Let It Go
As Taylor Swift would say “Shake it Off
Have a great 2015!

The Quan Yin meditation is my chosen method of meditation
A great counsellor would be Dean Love (yes that is his real name from birth folks, I didn’t make it up)
Books, DVDs, CDs from Louise Hay is a great counselling method

The rest of the blogs for 2015 will be ways to help you in the classroom with curriculum. I am not going to bare my soul again for some time lol!!

Scroll down for a photo of my beautiful mum looking gorgeous at the tender age of 18, and us on our road trip in 2014.
Love you Mum X