A Storytelling idea for ‘Using Your Words’

We all know that a young child’s greatest challenge is to share and communicate positively with their peers. They need help, supervision and our guidance constantly. Songs and storytelling are fun ways to learn, and The Three Billy Goats Gruff is a great story to retell and act out using kind words, manners and to practise using our strong firm voice!

So…read the story and ask the children to critique it. Talk about the goat’s communication techniques with open ended questions like:
I wonder if it’s a good idea to push or hurt a bully?
I wonder if it good to say “Don’t hurt me, wait for my friend!”
I wonder what kinds of words the goats could have used to get across the bridge?

Brainstorm some new communication that could take place on the bridge. “Put your hand up if you have a good idea of what you could say to a bully.”
May I please cross the bridge?” “I will be your friend”, “Stop it troll! I don’t like it when you talk to me like that!” “Thank you for sharing the bridge with me” etc

Then choose 3 children with great positive word ideas. Dress them up as the goats, and then for fun, YOU, the teacher dress up as the bully troll! Just use a mask or a funny wig and a scary voice. Use a long piece of material or blocks lined up to represent the bridge, some plastic flowers that the goats want to get to to eat, and act out the story.





What Can I Do with My Own Two Hands is a good song to go with learning about being kind. Learn the actions and words and hook it into your smart boards or iPads using the you tube link HERE and talk about other ways we can use our hands, thoughts and words to be kind to each other. Follow up this story with a great classroom activity that also ticks the multicultural box from a previous blog HERE

Have a great week!