A Family Separation Story

In the “All Families are Speical” show I have a monkey puppet named Kima who lives with lots of members of his extended family members. After we learn who are our extended family we learn that Kima is sad because his mum and dad have been arguing…what have they been arguing about? Bananas! Yes that’s right! Bananas! What a funny thing to argue about! We go on with a song “All Families have Love” to sing about how all families have to fight to let each other know their dislikes.

So many children come up to talk to me after the family show to tell me their mum and dad fight and it distresses them. As a young child I was very scared when my parents argued, and I thought everyone else had a wonderful perfect Brady Bunch style family except for me! So I wrote the show “All Families are Special” to let children know that families can experience a range of emotions every day and it’s ok. We also learn about extended families, who we are in a family (sons, daughters, nieces and nephews etc) and how roles have changed in the generations.

There are many varying family structures in our homes today, but the story I choose for this show is about a butterfly family that changes it’s structure from a mum and dad at home to a split family where the child has “2 homes and 2 parents who love him/her very much.” I do this as many children in classrooms have split families and even if they don’t, they have friends or relatives in their life with single parents. I have turned this story into a cartoon also, and it is also on my first DVD Love Life and Little People.

There is also a song from this show “All Families have Love”

If you have any children in your classrooms experiencing a family break up you can refer them to the butterfly family cartoon to watch with their parents on YouTube to open up channels of conversations.